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About Our Group

Our research group engages in projects to shape tomorrow’s Internet.  Our goal is to overcome barriers to network innovation by creating platforms for experimentation, demonstrating new ideas on top of these platforms, and – most importantly – opening these platforms to the world.

Our projects are done in conjunction with the Stanford’s Clean Slate program.

OpenFlow is an open standard designed to greatly enhance networks’ flexibility. We are using OpenFlow to explore ways to safely conduct networking research in production networks, develop mobility managers for today’s increasingly mobile life, and even save power in energy-hungry data center networks.

POMI seeks to break down barriers to a truly programmable and open mobile Internet of tomorrow. POMI is a multi-group project, and our contribution is a flexible networking substrate.

NetFPGA provides an extensible platform for developing high-speed, hardware-accelerated networking systems. It is an important tool for both prototyping new network technologies at line-rate and for teaching students how to build real hardware systems.

For more detailed information about these ongoing projects, as well as other past projects, please see our projects page.

Here is a picture of our group members taken in December 2010.

McKeown group photo