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Past Seminars

Fall Quarter, 2007

Tuesdays 2:00 - 4:00pm. Refreshments served at 4:00pm.
Offered as CS 541 "Clean Slate Internet Research Seminar" for 1 unit.

Date Room Speaker Working Title Slides
Sept 25, 2007 Packard
Nick McKeown , Stanford University Overview of Stanford's Clean Slate Internet Design Program and Seminar Series
Oct 2, 2007 Packard
Guru Parulkar, Clean Slate Program Executive Director  We Dream of GENI: Exploring Radical Network Designs 
Oct 9, 2007 Packard
Stanford Faculty Panel Stanford Faculty Panel on GENI Research Rationale for Reinventing the Internet   
Oct 16, 2007 Packard
Jatinder Singh, Deutsche Telekom Cellular Networks - Architectural and Functional Overview, Evolving Trends, and Clean Slate Design Paradigms 
Oct 23, 2007 Packard
James Kempf, DoCoMo Labs Cellular networks and future internet
Oct 30, 2007 Packard
D. Raychaudhuri, Rutgers, Former Member GENI Planning Group, Co-Chair of GENI Mobile Wireless Working Group Mobile Wireless and Its Implications on Future Internet  
Nov 6, 2007 Packard
"Head" Bubba, Credit Suisse Service Oriented Fabric for Future Data Center Architectures
Nov 27, 2007 Packard
Frans Kaashoek, MIT Unmanaged Internet Architecture  
Dec 4, 2007 Packard
Amin Vahdat
University of California, San Diego
Distributed Services for GENI  

Winter Quarter, 2006

Offered as CS 541 "Clean Slate Internet Research Seminar" for 1 unit.
Mondays 12noon-1:05pm, Hewlett 103 unless otherwise noted. Lunch served at 11:45am!

Date Speaker Title Slides
Wed Jan 11, 2:30
(Packard 101)
Larry Peterson
PlanetLab: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Planetary-Scale Infrastructure
Jan 16, 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (no classes)
Jan 23, 2006 Jennifer Rexford
A Routing Control Platform for IP Networks
Jan 30, 2006 Nick McKeown Clean Slate Design: Examples and More Details on GENI
Feb 6, 2006 Joseph Kahn Optical Fiber Communications: Even More Fun in the Post-Bubble Era
Feb 13, 2006 Rui Zhang-Shen Designing a Predictable Backbone Network
Feb 20, 2006 Presidents' Day (no classes)
Feb 27, 2006
(Packard 101)
Van Jacobson If a Clean Slate is the solution, what was the problem?
Mar 6, 2006 Philip Levis The Sensor Network Architecture: Experiences from Clean Slate Design
Mar 13, 2006 Dan Boneh Clean Slate: User and Transaction Authentication
Mar 20, 2006
(Packard 101)
David Clark

Fall Quarter, 2005

Mondays 4-5:30pm, CISX 101 unless otherwise noted. Refreshments at 3:45!

Date Speaker Title Slides
Oct 3, 2005 Nick McKeown Seminar on "Clean Slate Design for the Internet"
Oct 10, 2005 No seminar today
Oct 17, 2005 Balaji Prabhakar Flows as Minimum Data Units
Oct 24, 2005 Bernd Girod Transport of Real-Time Traffic
Oct 31, 2005 Tim Roughgarden Quantifying Trade-Offs with Competitive Analysis
Nov 7, 2005
(Packard 204)
Ramesh Johari Investment and Market Structure in Industries with Congestion
Nov 14, 2005
(Packard 204)
Andrew Odlyzko
(University of Minnesota)
Speculative thoughts on future (and past) network architectures
Nov 21, 2005 Thanksgiving break
Nov 28, 2005 Ashish Goel Bandwidth allocation with multiple objectives, or, what can you do with per-flow state?
Dec 5, 2005 Andrea Goldsmith Cross-layer design of wireless networks

Spring Quarter, 2006

Mondays 12 noon-1:00 pm, Packard 101 unless otherwise noted. Lunch served at 11:45 am in Packard 102

Date Speaker Title Slides
Apr 10, 2006 Martin Casado A Protection Architecture for Enterprise Networks
Apr 17, 2006 No seminar today
Apr 24, 2006 No seminar today
May 1, 2006 Nick McKeown  
Tue, May 9, 12:30pm
Hewlett 201, no food
Vint Cerf Stuff we haven't finished yet on the Internet  
May 15, 2006
No seminar today
May 22, 2006 David Cheriton The State of the Internet (and what I learned from TRIAD)  
May 29, 2006 Memorial Day (no classes)
Jun 5, 2006 Scott Shenker Rethinking the Internet Architecture
Jun 12, 2006
James Kempf,
Why Clean Slate Can't Solve the Mobility Problem without Radically Changing Routing