All meetings with the course staff are on Wednesday in Gates (TAs in Gates 359, Nick in Gates 340) as scheduled below.

Login your wordpress account here to make modification. The lab computers are typically used by the HW student, although in the integration phase the whole team will work on them. For SW students, please make sure your code compile and run on one of Stanford clusters – we recommend myth.

Shared Machines:

Shared VNS topology
Note that these topologies are shared among all CS344 SW teams. We’ve also updated the reference software router, fixed some bugs. Please download the latest one for your interoperability test.
Please use VNS username “eastzone” and the following auth_key when accessing these topologies.

Group Members Primary Lab Computer Wednesday Meeting With Design documents VNS Topology
James Nick
Calvin Chu (calchu)
Jonathan Chu (jchu3)
Frank Nothaft (fnothaft) 3:30-3:40 3:15-3:25 Team 1 592, 600
Dan Posch (dcposch)
Jordan Potter (jnpotter)
Bill Rowan (wmrowan) 2:30-2:40 2:15-2:25 Team 2 593, 601
Sam D’Amico (sdamico)
Ali Yahya (ali01)
Matt Sparks (msparks) 2:45-2:55 3:00-3:10 Team 3 594, 602
Leo Alterman (leeoo)
Tommy Pauly (tfpauly)
Alex Quach (alexq) 3:00-3:10 2:45-2:55 Team 4 595, 603
Antoine Sindhu (asindhu)
Kiran Isaac Abraham (kabraham)
Pablo Ceballos (pabloc11) 2:15-2:25 2:30-2:40 Team 5 596, 604
Arjun Roy (arjunroy)
Arti Gupta (arti) 3:15-3:25 3:30-3:40 Team 6 597, 605

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