• While running : Water / salt caps (generally Salt Stick)
  • Drop bag:
       50% Coconut water + 50% water + chia seeds
       triple latte (generally reserved for 100milers)
  • Aid station: Electrolyte (coke during second half, or when bonking)


  • While running : Hammer gels, gu, cliff shots (margarita)
  • Drop bag: Avocado + blue chips + olive oil + salt + fresh salsa
  • Aid station: everything (favs include boiled potato, pbj, pizza, ..)

    Some Races I've Run


    • Woodside (x3)
    • Angel Island
    • Skyline Ridge
    • Skyline to the sea
    • Lake Chabot Skyline
    • Redwood Park
    • Big Basin
    • Diablo
    • Ruth Anderson


    • American River
    • Diablo50M
    • Firetrails (x2)
    • Ruth Anderson
    • Run De Vous
    • San Francisco Ultra (double marathon 52.4m)


    • Miwok (x2)


    • Javelina (x2)
    • Coyote 2 Moon
    • Headlands


    • SF 1 Day (x3)
    • Mission Peak 12 hour

    Fat Ass

    • Rim2Rim2Rim 46miles (x4)
    • Baylands to Breakers 50K (x4)
    • Door to shore 28miles (x2)
    • Aptos to Los Gatos 40M

    Favorite Bay Area Training routes

  • Stanford to the pacific: Sandhill, Whiskey Hill, Huddart (bay tree trail to dean to chinquapin), over skyline to Purisima park, Higgins rd. to Hwy 1, Kelly rd. to St Fancis beach (24 miles)
  • Wunderlich/Huddart loop: Wunderlich parking lot, alambique trail, ridge trail to huddart, chinquapin/dean trail down, tripp rd back to parking lot (22ish miles)
  • Mission peak repeats: (6 miles each)
  • Razor back: Loop of razor back ridge to windy hill summit, back down hams gulch to windy hill parking lot, roads back to parking lot (19ish miles)
  • Foothill park repeats: (7.5ish miles each)
  • Alpine to Saratoga Gap: Razor back ridge, russian ridge, skyline, long ridge, ... (23ish miles)