SIGCOMM Preview Session

Are you new to SIGCOMM?
Are you an expert on data centers but have not dabbled in wireless or privacy topics?
Do you want to learn how to navigate the alphabet soup of acronyms (CDN, DCN, SDN?)

Join us for the SIGCOMM preview sessions in which experts will give short introductions on a variety of topics to enhance your understanding of this year's paper presentations.

Monday, 17:15 - 18:20

Justine Sherry, UC Berkeley
Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Laurent Vanbever, ETH Zurich
Aaron Schulman, Stanford University
Data Center Networks (DCN)
George Porter, UC San Diego

Wednesday, 12:45 - 13:30

Content Distribution Network
Te-Yuan (TY) Huang / Maria Kazandjieva, Netflix
Congestion Control
Nandita DukkipaH, Google
Security, Privacy, and Censorship
Phillipa Gill, Stony Brook University