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Class Command

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handle_noargs(self, **options)
Perform this command's actions.
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Class Variables [hide private]
  help = 'This command runs the tests that are bundled with Expe...
  option_list = (<Option at 0x84ff86c: -v/--verbosity>, <Option ...

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handle_noargs(self, **options)

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Perform this command's actions.

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'This command runs the tests that are bundled with Expedient.'


(<Option at 0x84ff86c: -v/--verbosity>,
 <Option at 0x850c62c: --settings>,
 <Option at 0x850ca2c: --pythonpath>,
 <Option at 0x850c38c: --traceback>,
 <Option at 0x97c62ec: --debug>)