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Class TestModels

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Create a project and test permissions and permittees
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test_give_to_permittee(self) source code
Check that a role can be removed from a permittee along with its permissions when no other roles give the same permission
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Check that a role can be removed from a permittee along with its non-conflicting permissions
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Check that adding a permission to a role gives that permission to all permittees with the role
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Checks that add_permission works, and that delegation permissions are enforced.
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test_filter_for_can_delegate(self) source code
Check that a permission can be removed from a role with and without conflicts
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Check that the filter_for_permission method of the ProjectRoleManager works.
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test_get_users_for_role(self) source code

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Create a project and test permissions and permittees

Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp