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Module views

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Created on Jun 17, 2010

Author: jnaous

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create(request, proj_id)
Create a slice
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update(request, slice_id)
Update a slice's information
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delete(request, slice_id)
Delete the slice
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detail(request, slice_id)
Show information about the slice
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start(request, slice_id)
Start the slice on POST
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stop(request, slice_id)
Stop the slice on POST
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select_ui_plugin(request, slice_id) source code
add_aggregate(request, slice_id)
Add aggregate to slice
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update_aggregate(request, slice_id, agg_id)
Update any info stored at the aggregate
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remove_aggregate(request, slice_id, agg_id) source code
Variables [hide private]
  logger = logging.getLogger("SliceViews")
  TEMPLATE_PATH = 'expedient/clearinghouse/slice'
  __package__ = 'expedient.clearinghouse.slice'