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Module threadlocals

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Author: jnaous

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Raised when models.ThreadLocals.add_parser is called twice for the same keyword.
Middleware that gets various objects from the request object and saves them in thread local storage.
Functions [hide private]
Push a new frame on the stack.
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Pop a frame from the stack.
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Returns the dictionary of all parsed keywords in the request.
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add_parser(kw, func)
Add a request parser for a keyword.
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Get the parser function stored for the keyword kw or None if it doesn't exist.
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Variables [hide private]
  _thread_locals = threadlocal()
  __package__ = 'expedient.common.middleware'
Function Details [hide private]

add_parser(kw, func)

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Add a request parser for a keyword. When a request arrives, the parser func will be used to set the value for the kw keyword in the thread-local storage.

  • kw (hashable value) - The keyword to use for the result of this parser.
  • func (callable.) - a function that accepts the request and returns a value