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Class ExpedientPermission

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This class holds all instances of ObjectPermission that have a particular name. ObjectPermission links permittees to a particular object.

A permission may optionally have a view where the browser should be redirected if the permission is missing (for example to request the permission). The view is specified by its full path in view.

The signature for the view function should be the following:

           request, permission, permittee, target_obj_or_class,

   - C{permission} is the missing L{ExpedientPermission}.
   - C{permittee} is the object that needs to exercise the permission.
   - C{target_obj_or_class} is the object or class whose permission is
   - C{redirect_to} is the URL from which the request was made.

One limitation of the system right now is that we can only link to objects that use a PositiveIntegerField as the object ID.

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a ExpedientPermissionManager instance.
__unicode__(self) source code

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Class Variables [hide private]
  _default_manager = <expedient.common.permissions.managers.Expe...
  _meta = <Options for ExpedientPermission>
  objectpermission_set = <django.db.models.fields.related.Foreig...

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Instance Variables [hide private]
str name = models.CharField(max_length= 100, unique= True)
The permission's name
str description = models.TextField(blank= True, default= "")
Information about the permission.
str view = models.CharField("Permission View", max_length= 300, bl...
The full path to the view for the permission
m2m relationship to ObjectPermission. object_permissions
Per-object permissions with this permission name.
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<expedient.common.permissions.managers.ExpedientPermissionManager obje\
ct at 0x8c5f28c>


<django.db.models.fields.related.ForeignRelatedObjectsDescriptor objec\
t at 0x8c5f98c>

Instance Variable Details [hide private]


The full path to the view for the permission
models.CharField("Permission View", max_length= 300, blank= True, null\
= True)