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Class PermissionOwnership

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Information on what the permittee can do with the permission.

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PermissionOwnershipManager for the class
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  _default_manager = <expedient.common.permissions.managers.Perm...
  _meta = <Options for PermissionOwnership>

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Instance Variables [hide private]
ForeignKey to ObjectPermission obj_permission = models.ForeignKey(ObjectPermission)
the object permission for this info.
ForeignKey to Permittee permittee = models.ForeignKey(Permittee)
the permittee for this info.
bool can_delegate = models.BooleanField()
Can the permittee give this permission to someone else?
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<expedient.common.permissions.managers.PermissionOwnershipManager obje\
ct at 0x8c5feac>