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Class Tests

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Update settings, create DummyOMs and test models and login.
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Test that we can create an OpenFlow Aggregate using the create view.
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Tests that we can add/delete openflow-to-openflow static links.
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Tests that we can add/delete openflow-to-openflow static links.
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Make sure updating twice works.
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Create a project, add first aggregate to project.
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Add the aggregate to a slice.
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Create a slice, add resources interfaces, add flowspace, start.
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Check that a slice created through the web or some other way is available through the gapi interface.
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test_gapi_GetVersion(self) source code
test_gapi_ListResources(self, create=True, zipped=False) source code
test_gapi_ZippedListResources(self) source code
test_gapi_changed_ListResources(self) source code
test_gapi_CreateSliver(self, proj_name='test project', proj_desc='test project description', slice_name='test slice', slice_desc='test slice description', username='test_user', firstname='gapi', lastname='user', password='password', affiliation='Stanford', email='', controller_url='', fs1={'dl_dst': ('11:22:33:44:55:66', None), 'dl_type': (1234, 1236..., fs2={'dl_dst': ('11:22:33:44:55:66', None), 'dl_src': ('11:22:33:4..., slice=None, expiration=datetime.datetime(2011, 2, 19, 13, 9, 45, 508012), create_aggregates=True) source code
test_gapi_expired_CreateSliver(self) source code
test_gapi_RenewSliver(self) source code
test_gapi_DeleteSliver(self) source code
test_gapi_slice_ListResources(self) source code
Check that a slice with different urn but same name raises DuplicateSliceNameException.
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test_gapi_project_name_change_CreateSliver(self) source code
test_gapi_slice_name_change_CreateSliver(self) source code
Test that we can see details of a slice created through the gapi interface in the HTML UI plugin.
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test_external_rspec(self) source code

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Update settings, create DummyOMs and test models and login.

Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp