I am now a co-founder and CEO at Selfie Networks, where we are building technology to enable innovative network services in the presence of net neutrality. We are hiring  —  feel free to contact me directly if you are interested!

I got my PhD from Stanford University (EE) working with Nick McKeown and Sachin Katti. My thesis proposed a user-driven approach to personalize network services, touching on net neutrality, software-defined networking, and WiFi virtualization. During my studies I spent time at Philips Research, Juniper Networks and Google, and my work has been integrated in Juniper's MX products and Google's OnHub home WiFi router. I did my undergraduate studies at University of Patras, Greece (ECE). Check research for more information on academic stuff.

I organized Stanford's NetSeminar from 2010-2014.

I've been involved in several efforts that aim to connect folks in Greece with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Contact me if you do something similar and think I can be of any help.



gyiakoumis at gmail dot com