Te-Yuan Huang
huangty at stanford edu thuang at netflix com

Ph.D. Candidate
Computer Science Department
Stanford University

Stanford, Georgia Tech and MIT will host a Mininet Tutorial at SIGCOMM. Please check it out at here.

I have graduated from Stanford with my Ph.D. in Computer Science and joined Netflix in August, 2014.
At Netflix, I am working on streaming algorithm and acting as a liaison between Netflix and computer networking research community. At Stanford, I worked with Prof. Nick McKeown and Prof. Ramesh Johari.
My research focused on rethinking client-side network stack design and I was part of the OpenFlow and POMI2020 projects.

Down to the link layer, we made use of multiple interfaces on Android and explore the benefit of that.
Up to the application layer, we were exploring how to better transport multimedia traffic over the Internet.
I also worked on the openflow wireless project, in which we developed a better network infrastructure for supporting mobile devices.
Here is one of the demo video we made for the openflow wireless project (I am the golf cart driver): Demo Video

Besides research, I also enjoy teaching. I have been teaching computer science in various settings, from high school to graduate level.
If you are looking for materials for teaching computer networks, take a look at the series of assignments I help created for Stanford's CS144 using mininet.

I am a recipient of Stanford Graduate Fellowship (2008 Sept. - 2012 Aug.), Google Fellowship (2012 Sept. - 2014 Jun.),
and IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize, 2013. I am also the winner of Cable Lab Hackathon in May 2012 and Netflix Hackday in May 2013.

Resume (last updated 2013/11/25)

Selected Publication

Multimedia Networking

A Buffer-Based Approach to Rate Adaptation: Evidence from a Large Video Streaming Service
Te-Yuan Huang, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown, Matthew Trunnell, Mark Watson
ACM SIGCOMM 2014, Chicago, Aug, 2014

Downton Abbey Without the Hiccups: Buffer-Based Rate Adaptation for HTTP Video Streaming
Te-Yuan Huang, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown
ACM SIGCOMM 2013 Workshop on Future Human-Centric Multimedia Networking (FhMN), Hong Kong, Aug, 2013

Confused, Timid, and Unstable: Picking a Video Streaming Rate is Hard (IETF/IRTF ANRP Award)
Te-Yuan Huang, Nikhil Handigol, Brandon Heller, Nick McKeown, Ramesh Johari
ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Boston, Nov, 2012

Slide Bibtex

Can Skype be More Satisfying? A QoE-Centric Study of the FEC Mechanism in the Internet-Scale VoIP System
Te-Yuan Huang, Polly Huang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Po-Jung Wang
IEEE Network: Special Issue on Improving QoE for Network Services, March, 2010

Tuning Skype's Redundancy Control Algorithm for User Satisfaction
Te-Yuan Huang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Polly Huang
IEEE INFOCOM 2009, April 19-25, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Slide is available at here

Software-Defined Networking

Scheduling Packets over Multiple Interfaces while Respecting User Preferences
Kok-Kiong Yap, Te-Yuan Huang, Yiannis Yiakoumis, Sandeep Chinchali, Sachin Katti, Nick McKeown
ACM CoNEXT, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, December, 2013

Putting Home Users in Charge of their Network
Yiannis Yiakoumis, Te-Yuan Huang, Kok-Kiong Yap, Sachin Katti, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown
ACM HomeSys Workshop 2012, Sep., Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Affiliated with ACM Ubicomp 2012)

Making Use of All the Networks Around Us: A Case Study in Android (Best Paper, fast-tracked to ACM CCR)
Kok-Kiong Yap, Te-Yuan Huang, Yiannis Yiakoumis, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Sachin Katti, Guru Parulkar, Nick McKeown
ACM CellNet Workshop 2012, Aug., Helsinki, Finaland (Affiliated with ACM SIGCOMM 2012)

PhoneNet: a Phone-to-Phone Network for Group Communication within an Administrative Domain
Te-Yuan Huang, Kok-Kiong Yap, Ben Dodson, Monica Lam, Nick McKeown
ACM MobiHeld Workshop 2010, Auguest 30, New Delhi, India (Affiliated with ACM SIGCOMM 2010)

Towards Software Friendly Networks
Kok-Kiong Yap, Te-Yuan Huang, Ben Dodson, Monica Lam, Nick McKeown
ACM APSys 2010, Auguest 30, New Delhi, India (Affiliated with ACM SIGCOMM 2010)

Hackathon, Poster and Demo

My Home, My Boost: User-driven Network Provisioning (Hackathon Winner!)
Yiannis Yiakoumis, Te-Yuan Huang
The Cable Show 2012, Boston, May 21-23, 2012

Lossless Handover with n-casting between WiFi-WiMAX on OpenRoads (Demo Honorable Mention)
Kok-Kiong Yap, Te-Yuan Huang, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Michael Chan, Rob Sherwood, Guru Parulkar and Nick McKeown
ACM MOBICOM 2009 (Demo Session), Sep. 20-25, Beijing, China.

OpenRoads: Empowering Research in Mobile Networks. (Best Poster Award)
Kok-Kiong Yap, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Rob Sherwood, Nikhil Handigol, Te-Yuan Huang, Michael Chan, Nick McKeown
ACM SIGCOMM 2009 (Poster Session), Aug. 17-21, Barcelona, Spain.

Carving Research Slices Out of Your Production Networks with OpenFlow (Best Demo Award)
Rob Sherwood, Michael Chan, Glen Gibb, Nikhil Handigol, Te-Yuan Huang, Peyman Kazemian, Masayoshi Kobayashi, David Underhill, Kok-KiongYap, Guido Appenzeller, Nick McKeown
ACM SIGCOMM 2009 (Demo Session), Aug. 17-21, Barcelona, Spain.

Quantifying the Effect of Content-based Transport Strategies for Online Role Playing Games Full Text Available.
Chih-Ming Chen, Te-Yuan Huang, Kuan-Ta Chen, Polly Huang
ACM NetGames 2008 (Poster Session), Oct. 21-22, Worcester, MA, USA.

Towards User-Centric Rate Adaptations for VoIP Traffic
Te-Yuan Huang, Chih-Ming Chen, Kuan-Ta Chen, Polly Huang
ACM SIGCOMM 2007 (Poster Session), Aug. 27-31, Kyoto, Japan.
Poster is available at here

Honors and Awards Teaching
I am a proud finisher of: