Circuit Switching in the Internet

Ph.D. Thesis by
Pablo Molinero-Fernández

Stanford University

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Chapter 1 "Introduction (PDF)" chapter.1.pdf
Chapter 2 "Circuit and Packet Switching (PDF)" chapter.2.pdf
Chapter 3 "Response Time of Circuit and Packet Switching (PDF)" chapter.3.pdf
Chapter 4 "TCP Switching (PDF)" chapter.4.pdf
Chapter 5 "Coarse circuit switching in the core (PDF)" chapter.5.pdf
Chapter 6 "Related work (PDF)" chapter.6.pdf
Chapter 7 "Conclusions (PDF)" chapter.7.pdf
Bibliography (PDF) bibliography.pdf

Front matter (PS)
Chapter 1 "Introduction (PS)"
Chapter 2 "Circuit and Packet Switching (PS)"
Chapter 3 "Response Time of Circuit and Packet Switching (PS)"
Chapter 4 "TCP Switching (PS)"
Chapter 5 "Coarse circuit switching in the core (PS)"
Chapter 6 "Related work (PS)"
Chapter 7 "Conclusions (PS)"
Bibliography (PS)

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Optical_Coarse_Circuits (TEX) Optical_Coarse_Circuits.tex
Related_work (TEX) Related_work.tex
Routing_of_circuits (TEX) Routing_of_circuits.tex
Conclusions (TEX) Conclusions.tex
bibliography (BIB) bibliography.bib

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You can also browse through the slides of my Ph.D. Orals, where I defended my thesis.

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