Nandita Dukkipati

Gates Bldg 3A-356
353 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-9030

Email: nanditad*stanfordalumni*org

I am a Ph.D. student in the Computer Systems Lab, Electrical Engineering at Stanford University.
I work in the High-Performance Networking Group with Nick McKeown.

I have graduated and am now at Cisco's Advanced Architecture and Research. Best way to get in touch with me is through email: nanditad * stanfordalumni * org

Ph.D. Thesis

"Rate Control Protocol (RCP): Congestion control to make flows complete quickly" [.pdf]
Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University


I am hosting the Stanford Train-wreck Congestion Control Workshop; check out the workshop site.

Application material

Old application material is here.


The focus of my research is to make networks adaptable, evolvable, self-managed, and cost-efficient as well as to improve their performance. To that end, my research interests lie in several areas of Networking including congestion control, routing, protocol design, router/switch architectures in both wired as well as wireless networks. My most recent work has been to design a congestion control protocol -- Rate Control Protocol (RCP) -- that reduces user-response time by an order of magnitude over today's mechanisms. This is a part of the 100x100 Project.