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Single words can sometimes be boring. In contrast, we have all heard of interesting phrases which pique the ear; and word pairs which sometimes just sound great together. They usually carry a peculiar insight. Some of the classics include, "intellectual curiosity", "infectious laughter", "intellectual masturbation", "clairvoyant adversary" (as if having an adversary wasn't enough, she knows the future too ...), and "programmed obsolesence." Here's more -- some of which I came across and found interesting, and some that are perhaps original.
  1. Honest Bastard
  2. Social Ease
  3. Infinitely Differentiable Feminist
  4. Selective Warmth
  5. Self Sighted
  6. Just Dinner
  7. Cultural Apologist
  8. Practising Agnostic
  9. Positive Moron
  10. Reciprocal Altruism

Quotes and Blah Blahs

  1. Life's too sh..
  2. Anybody who is a nobody, is made a somebody in front of everybody. (Pertaining to the ability of the press to always create a hero)
  3. Gosh. What has 5 billion years of evolution given us? A 70 yr old lifespan?

Self Observations

  1. To be successful at pretty much anything, there's four things one needs -- dedicate time, have passion, find a good teacher, have a great friend to do it with. 4/4 and you will be awesome soon. 1/4 and you will still make good progress over time. 0/4 - no donut for you!

Mis-used and Over-used Words

There are words the press loves to bandy around for politicians and at times are so overused that it cringes. How about, "Our charismatic leaders are visionary geniuses?" :-) No offense to the rare statesman/woman who actually deserve the epithets, just that when overdone it loses all meaning.
  1. Charisma
  2. Leadership
  3. Genius
  4. Visionary

Words which are not synoynms

There are some words are considered or used as synonyms, but actually have vastly different meanings. The wrong use is based on a mistaken understanding or emotion. The classic one is "love", which is sometimes mistaken for "emotional blackmail."
  1. Friendship vs. Friendliness
  2. Company vs. Companionship
  3. Happiness vs. Satisfaction
  4. Religion vs. Philosophy
  5. Hedonistic vs. Cultured

Words which should be synoynms

  1. Organized Religion vs. Cult

Nothing words

Some words convey no information (zero entropy!) because they have no underlying basis. The word presidential is one of the best examples.
  1. Minority
  2. Race
    Tick one of the following: :-)
  3. Presidential
  4. Illegitimate

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