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- Stanford Computer Science Ph.D Graduate 2013

- Stanford Computer Science Masters Graduate 2008

- Applying to be a Ph.D student beginning Fall '08

- DOEmail is now available to the general public

Forward Networks - I am now the CEO and Co-Founder of Forward Networks, a stealth startup. We are actively hiring exceptional individuals, see our job posting for details.
Virtue - A platform for improving the performance of data center workloads by integrating network knowledge into virtual machine placement algorithms.
Beacon OpenFlow Controller - A high performance OpenFlow controller built in 100% Java. Used in Floodlight, the OpenDaylight controller, and Cisco's XNC.
OpenFlow - A platform to enable networking research with real hardware in your closet. It abstracts per-packet decision making to flow granularity, and allows external software to control the entries in each switch's flow table. I created the software portion to enable OpenFlow on the NetFPGA, interned at Cisco during the summer of 2008 and created an off-box system allowing OpenFlow to work with the Catalyst 6500 series switches, and was the lead author for the SIGCOMM 2008 OpenFlow demo.
DOEmail - DOEmail is an email ANTI-SPAM system using 'buddy' or white lists to determine who can send you email as opposed to who can't in typical systems. DOEmail moves SPAM control away from the system administrator and puts full control back in the user's hands. For more information click here.
NETFPGA - Primary developer of the software component of the reference router for the NetFPGA platform. It was initially developed during CS344 of Spring '07. It is a fully functional IPv4 router that supports sitting on top of the NetFPGA hardware for fast path support, or running in software mode using VNS
TECAS - Tecas aims to be your future server-based email management system. It's goal is to stop all unwanted email from reaching your inbox. For more information and instructions on trying TECAS please see my projects page.