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Teaching Assistant - CS344: Building an Internet Router. Taught by Professor Nick McKeown, Spring 2009.
Teaching Assistant - CS344: Building an Internet Router. Taught by Professor Nick McKeown, Spring 2008.
Teaching Assistant - EE108B: Digital Systems II. Taught by Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Spring 2006.
Teaching Assistant - EE109: Digital Systems Design Lab. Taught by Greg Watson, Winter 2006.
Teaching Assistant - EE271: Introduction to VLSI Systems. Taught by Professor Mark Horowitz, Fall 2005.
Teaching Assistant - EE384B: Multimedia Networking. Taught by Professor Fouad Tobagi, Spring 2005.
Teaching Assistant - EE273: Digital Systems Engineering. Taught by Heinz Blennemann, Winter 2005.

Talks and Tutorials

NetFPGA Summer Camp, August 2011.
NetFPGA Melbourne Tutorial, November 2010.
NetFPGA Summer Camp, August 2010.
NetFPGA Delaware Tutorial, June 2010.
NetFPGA SIGCOMM Tutorial, August 2008.
NetFPGA Summer Camp, August 2008.
NetFPGA Sydney Tutorial, February 2008.
NetFPGA Hot Interconnects Tutorial, August 2007.
NetFPGA ACM SigMetrics Tutorial, June 2007.