Nick McKeown - Talks

Here are the slides/videos from some of my talks. I post them in powerpoint to encourage re-use – you are most welcome to borrow and re-use my slides. Just acknowledge me and my employer (Stanford University), and anyone who I give credit to in my slides. People often confuse slides with a “talk”. To me, slides are just a visual aid – they are not the talk. The talk is what came out of my mouth, in addition to a lot of hot air.


  • "Software Defined Networking: How it has transformed networking and what happens next"
    Future Forum Summit, Beijing, November 2018. ppt
  • "Programmable forwarding planes are here to stay"
    ICC Keynote, May 2018. ppt video


  • "SDN, open-source and ONOS"
    ONOS Summit, December 2014. ppt
  • "Software Defined Networks and the maturing of the Internet"
    ETH Zurich, November 2014. ppt
    UC Berkeley, December 2014. ppt
  • "How to tell your plumbing what to do: Protocol Independent Forwarding."
    ONF Workday, Santa Clara, September 2014. ppt Video
  • "Software Defined Networks and the maturing of the Internet"
    IET Appleton Lecture, London, April 2014. ppt Video


  • "MOOC and Flipped Classroom Experiences"
    Local talk, Feb 2013. ppt


  • "How SDNs will tame networks"
    Hot Interconnects, 2012. Keynote. Santa Clara, CA. ppt
  • "Mind the Gap"
    Sigcomm 2012, Helsinki. ppt YouTube Video
  • "Making SDNs Work"
    Open Networking Summit, April 2012. video ppt


  • "How SDN will shape networking"
    Open Networking Summit, Stanford, October 2011. ppt(without embedded video) ZIP of ppt + embedded videos
  • "Software Defined Networks"
    ITC Keynote, San Francisco, September 2011. ppt(without embedded video) 1st Video for ppt above. 2nd Video for ppt above. ZIP of ppt + embedded videos
  • "Software Defined Networks: A network infrastructure for US Ignite"
    US IGNITE Workshop, DC, May 2011. ppt(without embedded video) Video for ppt above. ZIP of ppt + embedded videos
  • "Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow"
    Interop Panel, Las Vegas, May 2011. ppt(without embedded videos)
    Zip of ppt and videos ppt + embedded videos


  • "How should the Internet evolve?"
    Kailath Symposium, November 2010, Stanford University. ppt
    Load Balancing Video(mp4) OpenFlow Wireless Video(mp4)


  • "Software Defined Networks"
    FCC, October 2009, Washington DC. ppt
  • "Virtualization and OpenFlow"
    Sigcomm VISA Workshop, August 2009, Barcelona
  • "Software-defined Mobile Networks"
    MobiHoc Keynote Talk, May 2009, New Orleans
  • "Software-defined Networking"
    Infocom Keynote Talk, April 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    ppt, pdf


  • "Enterprise GENI"
    3rd GENI Engineering Conference, Oct 30 2008, Palo Alto, CA.
    pdf, ppt
  • "Why Can't I Innovate in My Wiring Closet?"
    MIT CSAIL Colloquium, April 17 2008, Cambridge, MA.
  • "POMI 2020 Mobility"
    Stanford Computer Forum Annual Meeting, March 20 2008, Stanford University.
  • "A couple of platforms (Or: “Why can’t I innovate in my wiring closet?”)"
    GENI Engineering Conference, March 4 2008, Washington, DC.



  • "Internet Routers: Past Present and Future."
    Lecture for BCS Ada Lovelace Award, June 2006, London.


  • "How Emerging Optical Technologies Will Affect the Future Internet."
    Talk at NSF FIND Meeting, Dec 2005, D.C.
  • "Introducing optical switching into the network."
    Plenary talk at ECOC 2005, Sept 2005, Glasgow, Scotland.


  • "Buffers: How we fell in love with them, and why we need a divorce."
    Keynote at Hot Interconnects, Aug 2004.
    ppt, pdf, ps
    The powerpoint includes Flash simulations. You need Shockwave Flash or equivalent installed on your computer.
    More on the flash animations including the complete source code on the Router Buffer Animations Page.

  • "Sizing Router Buffers"
    SNRC Review, May 2004.
  • "Network Processors and their memory"
    Network Processor Workshop, NP-3. Madrid, Feb 2004. Keynote talk.
    ppt pdf


  • "Scaling Routers Using optics"
    University of Washington, Seattle, October 2003
  • "Growth in Router Capacity"
    IPAM Workshop, Lake Arrowhead, CA, October 2003 ppt
  • "Parallelism in Networking Systems"
    HP Labs Invited Talk, Palo Alto, CA, September 2003 ppt
  • "Scaling Routers Using optics"
    Sigcomm 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany, August 2003
    ECOC 2003, Rimini, Italy, September 2003. ppt
  • "Scaling Routers Using optics"
    Stanford Computer Forum Annual Meeting, May 2003. ppt
  • "Processing Packets in Packet Switches"
    CS343 "Architectures and Compilers for Embedded Applications", Stanford, May 2003. ppt, pdf
  • "Designing Packet Buffers for Internet Routers"
    CIS Annual Review, May 2003. ppt file
  • "Optical Internet"
    SNRC Annual Review, April 2003. ppt file
  • "Circuit Switching in the Core"
    Panel at OpenArch, April 2003. ppt file
  • "The design and analysis of Internet routers"
    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, March 2003. ppt file
  • "Memories for Internet Routers"
    Micron, San Jose, Feb 2003. ppt file


  • "Internet Infrastrcture Teaching Tools"
    Sigcomm Education Workshop, August 2002, Pittsburgh. ppt file
  • "Scalable Routers"
    HPSR 2002, Kobe, Japan, May 2002. ppt file
  • "Weren't routers supposed to be simple?"
    ICSI informal talk, May 2002. ppt file
  • "Building Fast Packet Buffers from Slow Memories"
    CIS Adcom Meeting, May 2002. ppt file
  • "Throughput Guarantees in Packet Switches"
    ISL Affiliates Meeting, April 2002. ppt file
  • "Internet Routers"
    Stochastic Networks Seminar, February 22, 2002. ppt file


  • "High Performance Routers"
    Talk at IEE, London UK. October 18th, 2001. ppt file
  • "Network Algorithms"
    Tutorial at Sigcomm 2001, San Diego, USA. With Balaji Prabhakar and Ashish Goel. ppt file
  • "Do Optics and Routers Belong Together?"
    Keynote Address, Opticomm 2001, Denver, August 2001. ppt file
  • "A 2.5Tb/s LCS Switch Core"
    Hot Chips, Stanford University, August 2001. ppt file
  • "Building big routers from lots of little routers"
    2nd Stanford Computer Forum Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, June 2001. ppt file ,
  • "Crossbar Switch Scheduling"
    SNRC Workshop, Stanford University, California, June 7th 2001. ppt file
  • "Optical Switching Group"
    SNRC Workshop, Stanford University, California, June 7th 2001. ppt file
  • "Techniques for Fast Packet Buffers"
    Gigabit Network Workshop, Anchorage, Alaska, April 2001. ppt file
  • "Building big routers from lots of little routers"
    Computer Forum Annual Meeting, Stanford, March 2001. ppt file ,
  • "How scalable is the capacity of (electronic) IP routers?"
    OFC Invited Talk, Anaheim, CA, March 2001. ppt file , pdf file
  • "If we started again, would we still use packet switching?"
    Berkeley-Stanford CS Day, March 2001. ppt file
  • 2000

  • "An introduction to the evolution of packet switches and routers"
    Optics and Routing Seminar, Stanford, Fall 2000. Part I. ppt file
  • "How routers are really built, and how optics may play a part"
    Optics and Routing Seminar, Stanford, Fall 2000. Part II. ppt file
  • "An update on the Parallel Packet Switch and Fork-Join Router"
    NSF WOrkshop at UC Irvine, Nov 2000. ppt file
  • "The evolution of packet switching"
    NREN Workshop, NASA, Aug 2000. ppt file
  • "An Introdocution to Packet Switching"
    EE370 ISL Seminar, Stanford, Jan 13, 2000. ppt file
  • 1999

  • "The Fork Join Router"
    NGI PI Meeting, Washington D.C., Dec 17, 1999. ppt file
  • "Hot Interconnects Tutorial slides"
    Stanford University, Aug 20, 1999. ppt file
  • "Sigcomm '99 Tutorial Slides"
    Harvard University, Aug 30, 1999. ppt file
  • 1998

  • "Research Overview --- some of the research work in my group"
    Various venues, Spring 1998. pdf
  • 1997

  • "Real Routing at Gigabit Speeds,"
    Panel Introduction for Interop Atlanta, 1997. All of the Talks
  • "Real Routing at Gigabit Speeds,"
    Panel Introduction for Interop Atlanta, 1997. 34k pdf file
  • "High Performance Routing and Switching,"
    Stanford University Telecom Center Workshop on Routing and Switching, Sept 1997. 290k pdf file
  • "Chairman's Opening Address,"
    Gignet Europe, June 1997. 64k pdf file
  • "Tutorial on High Performance Switching,"
    Gignet Europe, June 1997. 100k pdf file
  • "High Performance Routing,"
    Gignet Europe, June 1997. 150k pdf file
  • 1996

  • "Hardware Issues on the Merging of IP and ATM,"
    St Louis Workshop, Nov 1996. 43k pdf file