Nick McKeown - Past Students


Adisak Mekkittikul Scheduling non-uniform traffic in high speed packet switches and routers
Pablo Molinero-Fernandez Circuit switching in the internet
Sundar Iyer Load balancing and parallelism for the internet
Nandita Dukkipatti Rate Control Protocol (RCP) : congestion control to make flows complete quickly
Martin Casado Architectural support for security management in enterprise networks
Guido Appenzeller Sizing router buffers
Saurav Das PAC.C : a unified control architecture for packet and circuit network convergence
Rui Zhang-Shen Designing a predictable backbone network using valiant load-balancing
Isaac Keslassy The Load-Balanced Router
Pankaj Gupta Algorithms for routing lookups and packet classification
Yashar Ganjali Buffer sizing in Internet routers
Neda Beheshti Tiny buffers for electronic and optical routers
Jad Naous Path-policy compliant networking and a platform for heterogeneous IaaS management
Shang-tse “Da” Chuang Providing performance guarantees with crossbar-based routers
Brandon Heller Reproducible network research with high-fidelity emulation
David Erickson Using network knowledge to improve workload performance in virtualized data centers
Kok ”KK" Yap Using all networks around us
James Hongyi Zeng Automatic data plane testing
Te-yuan TY Huang A buffer-based approach to video rate adaptation
Nikhil Handigol Using packet histories to troubleshoot networks
Peyman Kazemian Header space analysis
Glen Gibb Reconfigurable hardware for software defined networks
Yiannis Yiakoumis Expressing user preferences with network cookies
Lavanya Jose Proactive Congestion Control
Lisa Yan Tools to Understand How Students Learn