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High Performance Networking Group (Alum)
Department of Computer Science
Web: http://yuba.stanford.edu/~sundaes

  • The truth is a beautiful thing. It is sometimes simpler stranger than fiction, and eventually comes out ... Love is not spelt h-a-t-e. And pre-judgment is a poignant word. May the Truth win.

  • The difference between a 'force of good leader' (journalist, scholar, activist, academic, prosecutor, justice warrior, investigator ...), and an opportunist (who causes long-term harm), is that the former ascertains the Truth, and when they are privy to it, do not suppress it.

  • For those with tax-payer & non-profit funded power, who collude with the media to subvert the Truth, despite facts contrary to their narrative--- may the cosmic supercomputer have mercy on you. I doubt the Dalits will ...


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